We are experts in all aspects of freehand and lived-in colouring services. Unlike traditional lightening services, such as highlights and global bleaching, freehand colouring is low-maintenance and bespoke to each individual client meaning you can leave longer between salon visits.

A free, no obligation colour consultation is required before all new colouring services.

Please note a 20% non refundable deposit is required for all appointments.


Balayage is a colouring technique where lightener is painted throughout the mid-legnths and ends of the hair, leaving the natural root to create a natural graduated effect. A true balayage will have no regrowth lines, meaning you only need another appointment when you would like. Balayage will grow out exactly as the colour is placed.

This technique is great for first time lightening clients, those who would like to add dimension to their hair but do not have time to visit a salon every 6 weeks, and those who would like to move away from the traditional lightening services.

Balayage can be both low or high contrast and the colour can be as light or as subtle as your natural hair allows.

Reverse Balayage is a service for clients who are already light, and are looking to move to a natural, low maintenance service.

Root Drag

A root drag is great for clients who are already light and looking to create a lived in blonde or those who prefer a high contrast bright balayage and who’s hair is dark currently.

Similar to a reverse balayage, this service requires no lightening. During consultation, we select the desired colours and tones and blend these together to create a gorgeous, multi tonal, multi dimensional, low maintenance colour.

This is great for clients who are concerned about lightening their hair but still want to be bright and blonde, correction work and for people who don’t want a lengthy salon service.


Babylights are 3 times finer than a traditional highlight meaning they lift brighter and grow out much softer than any traditional lightening technique.

Babylights leave a shadowy root look whilst still brightening any regrowth. This is a low maintenance lightening technique as the lightened weaves are so fine, your natural roots will still grow through – just without any harsh, blocky lines!