The Brazilian keratin treatment is an innovative process of hair treatment which natural and contains no formaldehydes, sulphates and parabens. 

It regenerates hair in from deep within and smooths it without changing its structure. Meaning, curly or wavy hair stays curly or wavy but removes frizz.

The treatment results in healthy, smooth, soft and shiny hair for a period of 3-4 months.

Treatment with Brazilian keratin is suitable for all hair types.

Results are visible immediately after treatment

Benefits of Brazilian Keratin Blow-dry*:

  • Rectifying dry and damaged hair
  • Glossy and shiny hair
  • Removing frizz
  • Providing thermal protection
  • Protecting colour-treated hair
  • Preventing split ends
  • Easier combing and styling
  • Smoothing without changing hair structure
  • Velvety and smooth hair to the touch
  • Visible results for 3-4 months depending on hair type
*With the correct use of recommended aftercare

Hair becomes stronger, its surface closes and at the same time, it is protected from UV radiation, wind, frost, sea water and chlorinated water. Brazilian keratin is suitable for soft, damaged, curly, prolonged, hard, unruly and coarse hair. Due to its properties it is also suitable for chemically treated or colour-treated hair.

We recommend this treatment to be done at least 2 weeks before your colour service.

Please note:

  • You must not wash your hair for 72 hours after a Brazilian Keratin Blowdry
  • You must not tie your hair up, style your hair or tuck it behind your ears for 72 hours after a Brazilian Keratin blow dry
  • It is not recommended to have a Brazilian Keratin Blow-dry while you are pregnant or breastfeeding

Aftercare Guide:

For the first 72 hours after the treatment:

  • Do not wash your hair 
  • Don’t bend or tie your hair in any way
  • Do not cover your head with anything
  • Use hair straightener occasionally in the morning if your hair curls/ frizzes while sleeping
  • In case the hair gets wet or absorbs too much moisture, blow dry it quickly and straighten

To wash your hair and prolong treatment effect:

  • Use Cocochoco Professional sulphate free shampoo (Sulphate will wash out keratin from the hair very quickly). 
  • Wash your hair as often as you need. 
  • After every wash apply Cocochoco professional conditioner, this conditioner is silicone-free (conditioners with silicone will damage coating created by melting the keratin product)
  • After washing, blow dry your hair for a better effect
  • Try not to use invasive styling products that contain alcohol.
  • Once a week it is advised to use Cocochoco professional hair mask. It makes hair extra smooth, soft, shiny and healthy as well as

Please Note that not all sulphate free shampoos are suitable as aftercare and Cocochoco doesn’t take responsibility for any other aftercare brands.

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